Arcadia…..Kansas not Greece

arcadiaUpon entrance into Arcadia, Crawford County…you get a sense of…..bleh. Nothing really stands out, save for the picnic area in the park and a sign stating some type of festival in September. Other than that…..not very memorable. With a population of less than 350, the entire town is very small and full of old and rundown buildings. As I drove down a side street, a woman in a building advertising cold soda shouted that they were open. Business may be nonexistent for that day…..but I’m not about to enter into an unfamiliar building in a town where nobody can hear you scream.

As I perused down the main street, there were fantastic shots of closed down buildings…..and a patrol car turning from the opposite direction. We waved, and I carried on. I headed out of town because there was nowhere to turn around…..and lo and behold is a blue truck which I saw later as I left….was the sheriff. Well ‘F’. This place was an absolute GEM….and either someone got freaked out over an unfamiliar red car in their town mindlessly wandering around or it was a slow and hot day. I can’t imagine too many crimes in a town with less than 1% occupied buildings and seemingly deserted houses…..the only other people I saw were a little boy and either his dad or grandpa.

What DID kinda catch me off-guard were the group of about five vultures feasting on something dead in the middle of the street. I swerved to miss and saw it was a freshly dead Armadillo. Makes me wonder if it was an omen. Beware of vultures or you’ll have an unfortunate experience with the law, who’ll screw up your pictures. I guess if I got out of my car and wandered, it wouldn’t have looked so suspicious. But at the same time, wandering around is an invitation for abduction.


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