PLEASANTON…..Slowly Dying…..

water towerPleasanton is located 56.45 miles south of Kansas City. Located about halfway through Miami County, it sits on what used to be Highway 69. Around the early 2000s, the highway was cut off where Pleasanton starts, leaving it as just a main road and not a major thoroughfare. I remember driving through Pleasanton on my way to Ft. Scott as a young adult. I also remember when the highway was finished….because I didn’t even know it was being redone. I remember driving on the usual route, which also included the road where that two-story house sits, along with Sway Back Cemetery that I’ve posted before.

Anyway, as I drove, I remember thinking ‘something is wrong’. I didn’t pass the cemetery, or the house. I got mad, thinking the cemetery had been destroyed. I also remembered that the exit for the LaCygne Massacre site was further back than it is now. I know that sounds weird, but that’s how it appeared to me. So once the new highway was finished, I realized I WASN’T driving through Pleasanton as I had been. Honest to god, I thought I’d gone through a time warp or screwed up somehow. But once I passed Pleasanton and realized the highway looked brand-spankin’-new… made sense. A new highway. I’ve ALSO realized that to bring in more traffic to small towns… bring in a Casey’s. Paola and Gardner also have one. I’m not bashing Casey’s in the slightest.

I don’t know how populated Pleasanton was BEFORE the highway was cut-off, but I can tell you that Casey’s probably isn’t doing much for their revenue, save for the gas and snacks. Pleasanton is a modern-day version of what turns a town into a ghost town. Instead of a railroad, you’ve got a highway. For whatever reason, the highway was cut FROM the town….and goes AROUND instead. Now, I’d say it’s still in slow decline. There really isn’t anything interesting unless you like old houses and main streets that are a shadow of their former selves. Cool and creepy as ‘F’ at the same time.

Peace Out-Lizzy J.


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