Osawatomie State Hospital

Hi, everyone! I realized it’s been awhile since my last post and today’s travels took me to Osawatomie State Hospital. Located in Miami County on 500 State Hospital Drive, it’s quite a sight to behold. As if thinking about lack of understanding for mental health in the early days wasn’t bad enough, the hospital certainly reflects this.

Established in1855 as a psychiatric hospital, it was originally named ‘Kansas Insane Asylum’ and ‘State Insane Asylum’, the cemetery a block away reinforces this. In 1901 the name was officially changed to it’s current one.

The hospital lost its funding awhile back and the structure currently sits crumbling to death. I’m unclear as to if it’s currently occupied or not, but it’s a location I would not want to venture into. Ironically, Lakemary Center, an institution for mentally and physically handicapped individuals, is located not far away in Paola.

There really isn’t anything very interesting about the hospital. Other than it’s rumored to be haunted and the area itself has a strange, foreboding feeling. The street in front of the hospital is red brick; the original road, I’m guessing.

The cemetery is disturbing, only because it contains several rows of headstones with enough room for three digits. People were buried here between 1860-1950.



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